Assignments Submitted Successfully Via Online

Interface to upload assignment file into myVLE system

Yesterday, was the critical day for OUM students. The last day to submit assignments. Actually I already finished 2 of my assignments last week. But I wanted to send all the assignment at once. I thought yesterday's evening would be the best time. Unfortunately, there were 3 times blackouts in my house area. A bit sad that time.

Luckily after Maghrib prayer, things back to normal again and I quickly started to submit Accounting Information System assignment first. Then I submitted E-Commerce assignment on 8.24pm. Very scary because my file a bit bigger (containing screenshots from website) and it needed more than 1 hour to be uploaded. Last but not least, I uploaded Entrepreneurship assignment within 2 minutes. 

After that, like usual I will download back the assignments from myVLE system. It happened just a few minutes. Felt very satisfied after opening the downloaded files and they remain exactly the same before being uploaded.

My impression now is that there are new improvements in uploading the assignments. OUM students are now be able to resubmit the new assignment file to replace the old file. Previously, we were allowed to submit the assignment only one time, which was the final file. 

Finally the big burden has gone. After this, I will focus for final exam. Study... study... and study...

p/s: hopefully my answers meet the requirements of the assignments' questions....

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