Open University Malaysia (OUM) - Dean's List Certification

Last time when I got good grades during my first year of study, I was very eager to see my Dean's List Certifications. That time when I tried to Google around, there was no reference about this except from the OUM website. After a year, then I noticed the Dean's List Certification link appeared in Partial Transcript. So happy at that moment.

Apart from trying to know the information regarding OUM Dermasiswa on the internet, Dean's List Certification also important for OUM students so that they will know how their hard work being paid off by this appreciation certificate. Indirectly, it actually to encourage students to get good result in their study in term of semester basis. 

Previously, OUM stated GPA 3.67 and above in a semester to be considered as Dean's List. Now, already up a bit and changed to 3.70 and above in a semester. More challenging and need more extraordinary effort in study.

I made a few screenshots from myVLE system to share with you, my first 3 semesters' result at OUM.  zassss..

This post is not intended to show off but only as a referrence for other students. I just wanted to share my experience studying at OUM. This topic is being searched in Google widely. I won't be responsible for any misinterpretation information from this post.

p/s:  I deferred my study for the semester May 2009 due to maternity reason. Gave birth to Sofea.

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  1. nie yg lemau kalo english failed! btw, tahniah ler. hahahaha

  2. tahniah.. wah.. 2 gambar anak ek.. chumel2.. hehhehe

  3. @d0d0l jangan lemau lain.. sudahh... hehehe.. terima kasih ya...

  4. @mrs adam uikkkk heheheh, terima kasih... #moodhappy...

  5. WWWow...congrat !!!! no problem, i use google translate

  6. Nak tanya, Open Uni ada tawarkan pengajian jarak jauh dlm diploma IT tak?

  7. hello just wanna ask, on what semester did you got your first dean list? I got 4.00 on my first sem, and 3.88 on my second sem, but didn't get any dean list at all huhu :( I'm on my 3rd sem at this moment

    1. Hi there. How many your credit hours? You may get Dean list if only you took 9 credits.