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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

# Study Matters

Final Exam September 2011 Semester And A Few Tips From Me

Opssss... It is time to focus and concentrate now. Final exam is just around the corner. Have to get enough time for my study and revision. Study topic by topic, slowly and steadily. Do not rush yourself and do not panic. We still have enough time.

Referring to the online forum in myVLE system is an additional advantage. The e-tutor gave additional information and being widely discussed with other fellow course-mates. Don't forget to do some exercises by answering past exam papers.

The most comfortable time for me to study is from 4.00am until 6.00am. Have to sleep early and wake at this particular of time. After having enough sleep, then wake up.. I will feel refresh and be able study by myself in calm and peace. Don't be jealous if you see other people are sleeping at this time. Be focused and achieved your targeted topics everyday.

This is just a few tips from me... how I normally practice to be prepared for my final exam every semester.

My exam schedules are as follows :

16 December 2011 ( Friday)
3.30pm - 6.00pm

19 December 2011 (Monday)
12.00pm - 2.30pm

20 December 2011 (Tuesday)
Accounting Information System
12.00pm - 2.30pm

p/s: trying my best for this semester...


  1. sama lah. saya pun suka study pagi-pagi. aman sikit. (^_____^)v

  2. oo saya ada satu subjek sama ngan kak mia,entreprenuership.gud luck kak mia!
    *saya baru nak start study hari ni

  3. exam + tesis = jem pale hotak.. huhu... :(

  4. good luck... =) smoga ilmu2 yg dipelajari dipermudahkan smasa exam nnti...

  5. Salam, met raya aidil adha 1432 h, gudluck Mia, owh IT OUM ek, best tu :)

  6. @suzlin memang aman dan tenang kalau study pagi2 sebelum subuh. waktu tu otak amat segar...

  7. @mrs adamooh ye ke?heheheh... macam best gitu. sama2 la kita study ya...

  8. @Cik Gee takpe... sabar. jem sekejap je, nanti ok la tu... macam mana pun kena hadapi jugak..

  9. @Nine wsalam... memang student IT OUM... nampak je macam best.. tapi di dalam hati tiada sapa yang tahu... huhuu...

  10. salam k.mia..utk entrepreneurship tu,topik bape yg cover utk final exam ek?..60% start dr topik bpe..bole share tak,if k.mia tau laa..tq.

  11. @All About AnaYna sebenarnya kena baca semua topik sebab takde mid term exam. good luck untuk final exam ni...

  12. @All About AnaYna

    salam, maklumat terkini. info tentang 60% tu betul. fokuskan lebih pada topik 5 - 10. untuk subjek fakulti business.

    p/s: first time oum buat ni, sebelum ni tak pulak.