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Monday, 31 July 2017

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7 Top Tips To Help You Increase Your Productivity When Working From Home


In the modern times, the way people work has evolved in cities such as Penang and Kuala Lumpur. There is an increase in the number of people working from the comfort of their homes. This has been enhanced by the rapid development of internet technology. It has made it possible for people to work without the need of moving to offices or even their businesses in a more effective manner. The high level convenience and flexibility offered by working from home is what has made it more popular. Just like when you work in office or any other place, it is good to ensure that your productivity remains high. There are different ways that you can boost your creativity as you work at the comfort of your penang apartment. Below are some tips to help increase your productivity when working from home. 

Be disciplined
Working from home requires that you maintain high level discipline in the process even more than you do when working in an office environment. Since you are not monitored there are high chances that you might end up relaxing or even working for fewer hours. To increase productivity, you have to be very disciplined on your working modality. You have to set specific number of hours you should work everyday and adhere to this schedule. Do not do things that seem to be working towards your set goals, but they are not. Do not do things that will compromise the quality of the work that you do. 

Create a conducive working space
Another great way you can boost your overall productivity when working from home is to set a comfortable working place. It is important that you set a specific place in your house that is only for working and no other thing. In short, you need to set a home office where you carry all the tasks. Make sure that the home office does not have other things that can distract you while working. For instance, avoid having a bed or even a television that can cause distractions as you work. You need to have boundaries between your home life and work.

Your working table or desktop must be uncluttered and clean where you will feel comfortable to work. In case you would spend a lot of hours working, you need to invest in a convenient table and ergonomic chair that will help you maintain a perfect posture. This will ensure that you do not feel tired and allow you to work for long. The working place should be acclimated perfectly meaning that your area should not be too hot or cold. When it comes to lighting, you need to make your working room have a great natural light. Make sure there are no reflections on your computer screen for more comfort when working.

Develop routines 
In your day to day working from your apartment, you should have a specific regularity. This ensures that your brain and body understands when it is right time to work and when to rest. You should come up with a schedule that works perfectly according to your personal characteristics. The schedule should have leisure time, work time, rest time and exercise time. It is advisable you create a schedule that gives you the right motivation and the one that works perfectly for you.

Have a daily plan
The most difficult part might be deciding what you should do on daily basis. It is vital that you know what you will be doing every day. You need to spend about ten minutes on what you will be doing the next day. This will ensure that you will meet all the goals you have set in the most effective way. In addition, you will also have a clear mindset that will help you work even more towards those set goals. To have a proper plan, it is good to have a review of the work you do on daily basis in order to monitor the progress made. By doing this, you will make positive changes that will increase you level of productivity.

As you define the daily task to do, you need to choose the most important tasks you need to accomplish. This will ensure you complete such tasks fast and achieve your goals without a lot of hassles or stress involved. If you can complete the most important tasks first, you develop the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment making you to work even more in the rest of the day. 

Maintain the right storage for more convenience
When you are working from home, you should make sure that you have all the materials you need close to you. This will ensure you can reach them more conveniently when you are working. In addition, you will not pause or take unnecessary break that distract your work. You should look for a working table with storage spaces where you can store all the items you need as you work. Before you start working, you should make sure that everything you will require for that day work is within your reach for more convenience. 

Ensure you take breaks as you work
You cannot work for a whole day from your home or apartment without taking a break. You need to alter work with short breaks, so that you can rejuvenate and feel more energized to work more efficiently. By taking the breaks, you will be able to have more focus, avoid interruptions and prevent burnout. In the long end, you boost creativity and productivity.

Set an outdoor working space
At time you will feel that you do not want to work indoors. Therefore, it is good that you set an outdoor working space where you can work. This is necessary so that you can break the monotony of spending several hours inside your house. Your outdoor space should also be free of distractions to enhance your level of focus as you work. By changing the environment now and then, you will realize that your focus and productivity will go high and get better results.

Bottom line
As you work from home, respect your job and have clear set goals you need to accomplish. This is the only way you will feel motivated towards accomplishing the goals and enhance your productivity. 

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