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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

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Health Benefits Of Eggs

Get Your Vitamins
One little egg is packed with several vitamins essential to your health which help your body to break down food into energy, for producing red blood cells, for great eyesight, etc

Take In Essential Minerals
Eggs are packed with iron, zinc and phosphorus minerals that are vital for your body. It keeps your immune system in top form and helps your body turn food into energy and is important for healthy bones and teeth.

Prevent Breast Cancer
Research found that eating eggs as an adolescent could help prevent breast cancer as an adult. Women eating at least six eggs per week had a 44 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer than women who ate two or fewer eggs each week.

Source Your Proteins
Eggs are a well known rich source of protein - an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood. The body uses protein to build and repair tissues as well as making enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals.

Get Brain Healthy
Eggs are rich in several inexpensive nutrients that promote heart health such as betain and choline. Choline is used to build cell membranes and has a role in producing signalling molecules in the brain, along with various other functions.

Preserve Your Eyesight
Eggs contains lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that have major benefits for eye health. Consuming adequate amounts of these nutrients can significantly reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration, two very common eye disorders.

** let's eat eggs... 


  1. telur ni paling mudah,tapi dalam pada mudah,ada benefit dia kan kak
    ~ Kisahsidairy~

  2. Betul tu Mia, telur ni mmg byk sgt kebaikan...
    Nak turunkan berat badan, rebus dua biji telur setiap hari untuk sarapan, layan bersama segelas susu ...

    1. terima kasih mrs pip.. tapi kan kalau mia tak kenyang makan untuk sarap macam tu... huhuhu... memang boleh kurus..

  3. assalamualaikum mia....wah !! bestnya makan telur...mama suka mkn telur tapi yg putih saja x suka yg kuningnya...
    ** Mama Maszull

    1. waalaikumusalam mama... janji makan telur... ok la tu... hihihi..