Hard Truth About Life I Wish I Knew Earlier

01. Everyone you love is going to die.

02. We give our lives meaning. If you feel like you life is meaningless, that's your fault.

03. The perfect partner doesn't exist. Concentrate on finding someone who has a lot of qualities you like and the same values and built a fantastic relationship.

04. Life is a game. Find the games you want to play, learn the rules, and find a way to be successful at the games you selected.

05. Everything ends. Youth, love, life, all end and that's what make them valuable.

06. Be romantic about the little things.

07. Be a realist about the big things. Life isn't a movie, you need to have a plan, have an artist's ambition but an engineer's mindset.

08. Figure out a way or don't complain.

** but life is so unpredictable...

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