This Is Why Staying In Yishun Is A Good Idea

Buying your first property can be an intimidating experience. You browse through many property websites looking for the right property. However, you are still unsure of where to begin, or which neighborhood to choose from. After all, this is a big decision that involves a huge sum of money. If you are unsure on which neighborhood to choose for your first property, condominium in Yishun might be the right place to look at. This article will guide you through the benefits you get to enjoy if you stay in Yishun.

Benefits Of Staying In Yishun

1. Canopy Sky Walker 

Those who prefer exciting activities can go for a walk at the Canopy Sky Walker located at SAFRA Yishun’s Adventure Sports Centre. Here, you will be clearing obstacles (Flying Fox, Zig Zag Trail, Broken Island and Cargo Net Bridge) above 15 metres to 18 metres up the air.

Safety measurement is prioritized here as you will be strapped and there will be experienced instructors there to guide you through your obstacles. Do take note that only participants aged 7 years and above, with a minimum height of 1.1 m and above are allowed to participate.

2. Kayak at the Lower Seletar Reservoir

Lower Seletar Reservoir is a paradise for avid kayakers. Interested kayakers can rent a kayak from Water-Venture and proceed to kayak their ways out.

Those who do not enjoy kayaking could go for a walk along the waters and enjoy the beautiful view at Heritage Bridge

3. Bowling at Orchid Bowl

Orchid Bowl is a club-like bowling place with music and neon lights. This is a place for the youngsters that enjoy bowling, and at the same time, enjoy the music without worrying about bumping and knocking against one another.

You get an hour of unlimited bowling for a lane, so it is advised to go with a group of friends to maximize the cost.

4. Organic fruits and vegetables at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

What many people do not know is that the ground floor of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital is a garden. The 7th floor of the hospital is actually a garden with edible fruits and vegetables that is homegrown, or hospital grown. You will be able to find corns, to wintermelon, Thai basil and so on. Worry not as the fertilisers used here are 100% organic. There are also many active volunteers that offer help in the garden. You can also go as a volunteer to help out on some gardening work if you have extra time.

If gardening is not your cup of tea, you an choose to buy the fruits and vegetables for your own consumption. Furthermore, it is affordable at $1-$2 for plucked vegetables and fruits. Potted herbs are going for $3-$5. The proceeds from the sales go into the Green Fund that is used to purchase the tools and seeds in the garden.

5. Paintball sessions

If you like shooting, you can go for a game of paintball with your friends at Red Dynasty Paintball. Moreover, it is totally legal to shoot as you like here. What is better is that it costs only $10.90 per pax for a game.

Reservations are required, so do call them up in advance if you plan to go for a game.

6. Jump your worries away at Katapult Trampoline Park

Are you stressed out at work or in school? Why not visit Katapult Trampoline Park to go for a backflip and jump all your worries and stress away? The floor in Katapult Trampoline Park is covered with inflatable mattresses and trampolines. If jumping on the trampoline is not your thing, you could always walk the Slackline, have a dodgeball game or go for a Free Fall activity to test your courage.

7. Prawning and fishing

ORTO is a to-go place for a late night activity in Yishun. Not only it is a great place to keep one occupied, it is also a place for you to satisfy your tummy with your catch. Just grill your catch at the grilling area and your tummy will be happy.

Experienced prawners that are up for greater challenge can trade their prawning rods for fishing rods at Fishing Paradise, that is located just right next door.

8. Be a construction work at Diggersite

Diggersite is a playground for people who would like to experience a day being a construction worker by allowing you to play with real excavator, claw digger and wrecking balls. In addition, Diggersite is a playground catered to everyone with no age limit. Do make a visit to Diggersite with your children if you do not have anything to do on a Sunday afternoon.

9.  Go karting at Maximum Drift Karting Arena

Do you love drifting? If you do, Maximum Drift Karting Arena is definitely the right place for you to drift without getting summons from the traffic police. You do not need a driving license to participate in it, as long as you are aged 10 and above, you are allowed to drift as you wish.

10.  BBQ session at Yishun Dam

Yishun Dam is relatively crowd free even though there is bus service 103 that can bring you to the dam easily. Yishun Dam is definitely a great place for you to catch the sunset. In addition, Yishun Dam is one of the top choices for BBQ sessions with friends and family. All you need to bring to Yishun Dam are disposable barbeque pit, pre-packed coal, marinated meats and vegetables, picnic mat, portable speakers and you are good to go. Do however clean up the mess as you go to keep the place clean.

In conclusion, Yishun is no longer the boring neighbourhood that it used to be. Cheap shopping, good food and interesting places, Yishun is definitely a great place to stay especially for those who love shopping and those who are foodies that enjoy hunting for great food to satisfy their cravings. Take more time to explore Yishun and you will not be disappointed with what you can find in the neighborhood.

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