Good news for Coolblog lovers. Introducing new series of very tasty and extraordinary flavoured drink named SawadeeCool which is now available at all Coolblog outlets starting yesterday. I was glad to attend the launching ceremony at Coolblog Plaza Angsana Mall, Johor Bahru yesterday's evening.

Coolblog is proud to launch the latest beverage series named SawadeeCool. SawadeeCool introduction ceremony was officiated by YB Dato' Rosol Bin Wahid, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KP{DNHEP) and was also attended by the top officers and management of KPDNHEP Johor. 

This new flavour from Coolblog lifts the unique and distinctive tastes of Thai tea combined with Coolblog's quality ingredients and sought-after flavours. SawadeeCool by Coolblog comes in 4 flavours namely Matcha Thai Tea, Chocolate Thai Tea, Malt Thai Tea and Tiramisu Thai Tea.

"We are very grateful to YB Dato' Rosol Bin Wahid, as the Deputy Minister. KPDNHEP for launching the SawadeeCool flavour which signify our year end campaign for 2020. I am confident this new SawadeeCool series and flavour will take Coolblog to the next level and receive an even greater response like our previous campaign.

What is interesting about this SawadeeCool campaign is on our strategy in providing a drink series that can further hype up our closing for the year 2020. It is not easy for us to serve something that suits everyone's taste, but it is our main principle to always provide the best for Coolblog fans, " said Ms Priscilla Leaw, Chief Operating Officer, Coolblog Dessert Sdn Bhd.

SawadeeCool is priced at RM9.80 for 700ml size and is available at all 300 Coolblog branches throughout Malaysia.

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  1. sekali-sekala boleh la minum minuman yg manis tu sbb faktor kesihatan..

  2. Nak cuba yang Matcha tak dapat lakkk..nanti nak juga try laaaa...

  3. sejak2 tgk cita thai ni, i obsess plak dgn thai product! huaa nak rasa ni jgk

  4. Lama tak beli coolblog, nanti nak try la lagi2 yang matcha tu