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Sunday, 2 May 2010

# Project Alpha

Camera, Rolling, and Action3!

Oppss! To what a surprised finally I exposed myself for this video. Actually not much I can say but truly…honestly blogging now become one part of my life. Why? You know sometimes we need a break.. to relax.. release stress. Blogging is the only way to talk where nobody can argue at real time.

I give myself a try although it’s difficult due to lots of commitment as a worker, a student and a housewife, a mother to a nine months old daughter. Really work hard for what I am. Most of my readers are students comes from anywhere throughout the world.

Why you should choose me as Project Alpha Season 3 featured blogger? Lots of my tips how I can excel in my studies that can be shared by others. My real life story. My experience in IT knowledge. Later on, I will add my tutorial. I’m willing to share everything.

Not that as easy as you expected but maybe later on I believe and trust where there is a will, there is a way. I bet to take the challenge and if chosen you won’t be regret at all. Whatever it takes, strive for the best! Don’t forget to visit my blog at anytime you like.

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