Mia In Moymoy Palaboy's Facebook

Out of sudden, I am thinking to write about Moymoy Palaboy after Princess Momoy asked me to watch their videos on YouTube Channel. In my previous entry, Moymoy Palaboy (Famous Comedian) - The Art Of Miming has attracted this famous comedian fans to view the post in my blog yesterday. I was so happy and excited as yesterday, I did not do many blog-walking to other blogs.. only 2+ blogs I visited. See.... how your entry title and the story might drive traffics to your blog. Thanks to Moymoy Palaboy. Really appreciate it.

Let's have a look at Moymoy Palaboy's Facebook.

These are the nuffnang traffic analytic for this week. For yesterday, there are 799 views and 620 unique visitors as compared to others.

So how do you feel? For your information, last Saturday I attended my class and yesterday I was at my mother-in-law's house. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks to Moymoy Palaboy for appreciating my post in this blog. Thank you so much...

p/s: Right now is my study time (final exam is just around the corner) .... take almost 6 minutes to write this post.. then study back again... (today I am on leave..)

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