Moymoy Palaboy (Famous Comedian) - The Art Of Miming

Many people are talking about Cik Shida. Thanks a lot for your comments in my previous entry about Cik Shida. Miming is not just an art anymore. It can become commercial and a nice job too.

At first start, recording the video at home with limited equipment and resources. Publishing videos in YouTube. Become famous and have a lot of fans. Moymoy Palaboy the famous amous comedians from Philippines. What they did is just miming. They are very awesome, boombastic and extravaganza. Have their own album. They are very talented. I really cannot describe.. speechless..  Psstt... I already be one of their fans.

You can have a look for yourself at moymoypalaboy's Channel on YouTube or their official website. Come and have a look at these cool videos.... zasssss....

So now.. what do you think? They are so great and I am very impressed. Nice job... Keep it up...

p/s: A very special thanks to Princess Momoy for telling me about Moymoy Palaboy.

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  1. hahaha...yeah, it can be anything as long as they use their creativity to create something fun...

  2. hahaha kak mia..
    fatin tengok semua video tu..
    haha depa x segan pun an..
    hehe tapi best la tgk..
    tersnym2 fatin tgk haha
    lawak pun da depa ni hehe

    best la depa ni..spoting habis :D


    hehe tag tuk kak mia :D

  4. haaa...tu la pasal..dari benda bodoh ni la kita boleh making money...masyukkk!!^^v

  5. @fatin hanani memang best... kak mia pun suka tengok banyak kali dengan sofea...

  6. erkkk...x tau nak cakap per...
    much thx dear. x sangka plak de special thx untuk Momoy. haha...
    thx again
    kadang2 kalau rasa nak gelak momoy saja tgk aksi diaorang
    byk kali tgk pun x jemu
    sis, u mmg pandai cari ilham buat entry. salute !
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  7. @.::: Princess MOMOY :::. terima kasih... dah memang moymoy palaboy ni best.. xjemu tengok selalu...

  8. @.::: Princess MOMOY :::. alamak..sorry memang tak perasan... akak dah betulkan... :) jangan marah.. ya..

  9. Hehe...x pe sis asal bukan momok.
    momoy pun dekat2 jer bunyi
    sis...dah tgk FB
    sebab momoy x active account FB so momoy just dapat save aje la page tu
    Ader jugak yang salah anggap diaorang tu mexican sbb byk gak lagu mexico d'all miming. hihi
    mesti traffic sis up giler2 ..leh ler banjer momoy pizza =)

  10. LOL! Yeah, they are from my country, and they are good comedians...

    Thanks for featuring them here Mia!

    Take care!

    Show Me Your Look Today

  11. Those Guyz are really awesome,, i am a Filipino too and so proud of it!

    Thanks for featuring them,
    btw, I'll be there in Malaysia by 3rd week this month (Melaka). .

    Thanks and Mabuhay!

  12. haha..ifa dh tgk gak..mmg lawak nie..sporting abes!hihi

  13. @.::: Princess MOMOY :::. thanks a lot for the comments. really appreciate. thanks also for giving me idea to write about this famous comedians.

  14. @Michael your welcome... you too take care also... :)

  15. @tiefazatie memang lawak... sapa yang tak ketawa tu memang pelik lah... :)

  16. Nice post..i like it. Saya juga suka komedi dan humor dan hal yang's so funny.