OUM Tutor and Class Story

As an OUM student every semester after final exam, we need to fill in the Evaluation Form on Tutor Performance. This is a must and should be applied to all OUM student. We can express out our opinion freely. Suddenly, without noticed I am exposing part of OUM student activity. I do not know how other university either IPTA or IPTS get feedback from their students.

As you can see here... in OUM we have 2 tutors (lecturers) for each subject. One is for face-to-face tutorial (classroom lecturer) and another one is e-tutor, who is responsible in online forum discussion. E-tutor will cover all the students throughout Malaysia whom are taking the same subject. But face-to-face tutor only cover 1 classroom at one time which has less than 20 students.

The one that I like the most in OUM practice is that although there are many students registering the same subject in a semester, for example English for Oral. There will be many classes open for that subject. If there are 100 students, could be 5 or 6 classes will be opened.

 My timetable for Januari 2011 Semester. At the moment only have 3 students registered for these subjects.

This is very important to me. If the class is too crowded with students, we won't have full concentration during the lesson. Many problems will occur such as difficult to get attention from the lecturer, cannot hear clearly, always distracted, chit-chatting with friend, cannot focus, not comfortable and so on. At the end of the day, we end up with stress and frustration.

Don't let this happen, whatever it is you know how to adapt yourself in class and what is best for you to study. Till then, good luck and do study smart!

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