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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

# Blog Matters

My Background 12

As usual, it's time to change. This time I choose reddish leaves background. Feel alive, pure and brave. So how do you feel? Do you feel happy while reading my article here? Are there any sense of disruption? I don't know how to describe, hopefully you are enjoying your stay here and will come back again later.

The header really suits the theme. It's like going to Korea. This time I select my wedding collection photo wearing Korean costume. I don't have any talent to be a model. If you don't like it, don't laugh in front of me. Please laugh somewhere else ...

Last but not least, I also change Sofea's photo in the Shoutbox area. She was playing with chairs. Looking so happy when I took her photo.

p/s: If you really don't like this new template, do let me know. Don't keep in your heart. Express it out, I will accept it. Don't worry, I won't be mad at all.


  1. cantik backgorund ni :)
    suka laa. warna merah pulak tu.
    header kak mia tu cun :)
    macam model lah. hehe
    pandai kak mia pose :)

  2. Nice :D

    The head gear very heavy right? Last time I took wedding photo, the neck also strained from the heavy head gear

  3. pun dok mencari background yang best2 ni...

  4. hehe yeah masuk2 kak mia hehehe
    pandai memilih headerkan..
    yang pasti si kecik comey tu pun comey hahaha

    merah juga dia..cntik kak mia :)
    ni pendpt fatin la :)
    org lain fatin xtau :D

    bg fatin dah cntik :)

  5. @Miza Yusof uikk terima kasih.. alamak malunya..nak sembunyi mana hek lepas ni... :)

  6. @Small Kucing yes.. realy heavy and should know how to control your head. indeed it is really sweet to wear that costume.. so nice..

  7. @mizzura tu lah.. banyak koleksi wallpaper dalam internet.. mia cari dari google.. pastu adjust skit2...

  8. @Umie Nadhirah thanks... takut tak cool..

    nasib ramai yang suka template ini ...

  9. @Be Simple Beb(BSB) - threeQ haah.. kali ni kita tukar warna merah lak... tukar selera...

  10. @fatin hanani terima kasih fatin.. akak bukannya apa.. risau takut tak cantik.. nanti xde sapa yang nak datang sini...

    lega rasanya.. ramai yang suka template ni.. :)

  11. hey mia! of course, i still like your old header picture where you are with your husband... but this one is nice too!

    have a great day!

    Show Me Your Look Today

  12. comel...wahhh, header pun dah tukar tu...comel sangat...jangan risau k, pengunjung yang setia tak kisah background comel ke tak comel...

  13. @Michael thanks myke.. really appreciate it..

    p/s: luckily.. no butterfly here :)

  14. @Noona terima kasih... lega rasanya hati ini.. ;)

  15. Askum kak... Wah... Cantik.. Merah... suka warna merah...akk memang kreatif..sha suke.. apa2 akk tukar pun sha suke... ehem.. bila nak blanja makan? heheheee.. gurau jer..

  16. @Shellya uikkk.. terima kasih... nak belanja camne.. shellya jauh kat pontian...

  17. wah..rajin la sis tukar2 bg nie..pastu header tue..wah..teruja tgk..=)

  18. @tiefazatie uikk.terima kasih..kalau dah takde mood nak study... boring-boring buat benda-benda grafik ni... suka sangat.. :)