Bart Dengan Minuman Tenaga Arctic Ice

Wahhhh! Amboi. Nak terbang ke mana tu, Bart. Ramai belum kenal lagi, kan? Meh Mia perkenalkan inilah dia Bart, peserta kempen Dia tiada blog. Cuma ada Facebook dan Twitter sahaja. Tahun lepas dan tahun ini dia banyak tolong Mia untuk DiGi WWWOW Awards.

Terima kasih banyak-banyak ya Bart. Bart memang sporting habis. Sedap katanya air ini, terus bertenaga. Jom tengok gambar dia beraksi dengan air Arctic Ice ini. Gambar terakhir ialah dengan anaknya, Ahmad Rayyan Akasyah. Kasi rasa sikit aje.


Because of its benefits.

The BENEFITS of Arctic Ice ENERGY Drink are:

INCREASED ENERGY  - Probably one of the most obvious benefits of energy drinks is the energy boost they provide. Since it is in the form of a liquid, these drinks are quickly made available to the body and can increase energy within just a few minutes of ingestion.

DECREASED FATIGUE - The benefits of energy drinks includes their ability to stimulate the body and refresh the mind. This is a good option when you've missed sleep but still need to perform well. This is also one of the best supplement for a driver.

CONCENTRATION - Many energy drinks increase concentration and overall mental functioning by providing large doses of various B vitamins, especially B12.

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE - The result of increasing physical performance is one of the main benefits of energy drinks appreciated by bodybuilders and other serious athletes.

SUPPLEMENTATION - Many energy drinks provide vitamins, minerals and herbs to enhance a healthy diet.

GAIN A COMPETITIVE EDGE - Due to the benefits of energy drinks such as improved performance and increased energy, many people choose to consume energy drinks as a way to gain a competitive edge during athletic events.

Arctic Ice Energy - The World's Best Tasting & Healthy Energy Drink

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  1. hahaha..malunye k.jue!-bart

    1. ala... relax la bukan nya kat mana.. kat dalam blog kak jue je... :) sweet betul gambar-gambar bart ni...

  2. comeynya anak bart.. meh kat tokmama meh.. muahhhh....