An SMS from OUM Student

Oh dear! This morning I received an sms from a friend of mine who are now studying at OUM Johor. So speechless as he also following my story in this blog.

"It's my pleasure kak, and congratulate for completing your final project, i'm really proud of you, and your blog is really inspiring, hope you'll continue to update your blog even after your graduation then :)"  . So touching when reading this sms.

Actually, when I was in my second year of study, we met each other when he was very stressed with programming subject. I still couldn't remember which subject... whether C Programming or Java Programming. So, that time I gave him my full support by guiding him step by step to study programming subject in a proper way. During the gap of classes, I used to study at the library and at the same time teaching him the subject. There were also few other students too learned from me... I was not really good of programming, but practice make perfect..

study  + the ability to learn + make exercises + full of courage = success in programming

If there are other any OUM students who need my help or assistance in the future, may be I will answer it through this blog after this...  

Now, I am happy that he also supports my blog and VOTE for me. So sweet... Thank you so much. Hopefully you will complete your study with good result. Cheerio...

p/s: feeling so appreciated....

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  1. Teruskan usaha murni dan berkongsi melalui blog kamu...terima kasih.

  2. teruskan menulis, semoga memberi manfaat! Good Luck!

    1. insyaAllah... mia akan teruskan berblogging... terima kasih ya sudi bagi semangat...

  3. tahniah kak...tercalon salah satu award tu...

    moga berjaya.


  4. i also will assist you all if you faced programming assignment problem....
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