Understand Your Skin Type

Normal Skin
- Neither oily nor dry
- Few discolorations
- Blemish free
- Appears smooth

Oily Skin
- Shiny appearance
- Enlarged pores
- Prone to acne
- Prone to blackheads

Dry Skin
- Flaky, dry or red patches
- Tight appearance
- Looks dull or lackluster
- Lines may develop easily

Sensitive Skin
- Blotchy patches
- Redness spots
- Broken capillaries
- May feel itchy

Combination Skin
- Oily areas
- Dry area
- Prone to blackheads
- Large pores

** hmmm.. looking myself in front of the mirror....

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  1. sha punya kulit jenis combination skin.. Ada part kering dan ada part oily..

  2. sedih tau kita oily skin, tapi yang bagusnya lmbt berkedut orang kata, Alhamdulillah, nasib baik ada kulit, hehehe

  3. kulit kompinasi kot..tak pernah kaji pulak..hahaha

  4. akk combination

    Btw, dah update dalam blog list untuk SEGMENT BLOG LIST AZLINDA ALIN 2019. Tahniah terpilih :) !