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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

# From Me # Study Matters

Mia in Busy Mode

Hi! Sorry for not updating my blog. Actually I am really busy this whole week with office work and study. This Saturday will attend my final exam for Human Computer Interaction subject. Everyday I have to stay up to 6.30pm to finish my work. 

Within this period, hopefully you will understand my very tight commitment. I will visit u back sometimes at night. Thanks for your visit. Do visit my Sitemap and read other articles.



  1. its ok =) just give your full attention to your commitment~ take care dear ^^

  2. Understandable. Hey..busy is busy but you must remember to eat and relax also ya. Dont want you falling sick

  3. Antara kerja dan Pelajaran kedua-dua sama penting. Perlu pandai susun, mana yang penting didahulukan. Mulakan sesuatu dengan Bismillah HirRohman NirRohim, kalau tension banyakkan Selawat Nabi dan Diri (berehat sejenak). Ya renung-renung kan, selamat beramal !!!!

  4. @Small Kucing thanks... dont worry.. i take vitamin supplement regularly...

  5. @ISMAIL MD SALLEH terima kasih banyak2 kerana bagi sokongan padu kat mia.. love u so much my dear. thanks for your time taking care of the house and Sofea...