Ways To End A Conversation

01. Please excuse me, I must go. I have meeting in 30 minutes.

02. I am sorry, but I have to make an important phone call.

03. Excuse me, but I need to attend to something.

04. I'd love to talk some more - when can we meet again?

05. I enjoyed your conversation.

06. Have a nice afternoon!

07. It was nice talking to you.

08. Let's organize a meeting to discuss this further.

09. I will get in contact with you tomorrow about ......

10. Let's talk about this some more next week.

11. I am glad we got to talk.

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  1. kalau melayu
    jap nak mandi
    jap nak makan
    jap nak solat
    last2 lesap hahaha

  2. biasa cakap je nak mintak diri dulu.. ataupon kadang2 sy tinggal kerja sebab ada jumpa orang boleh berborak hehehe..