My Timetable For This September 2010 Semester

Like I've told you before... I'm not really happy with the schedule of my timetable this semester. A bit frustrated actually. These 3 subjects are elective subjects. So, what to do. Have to accept it.

This means that this coming Saturday evening, I have to attend my class for 1 subject. The next week, Sunday , I have 2 classes. Every week I have to attend my classes. What a tough! Thinking of this is my third year of study, I should be positive. Have to face all the risk.

Like usual, before first class, assignments' questions already posted in myVLE. Apart from these 3 subjects only 2 have assignments. So sweeet.  So, now I will become a bit busy doing research for my assignment. Then when I attend the class, I should request the lecturer to guide and brief on how to do the assignment. This is what I always do for every semester in order to get A for the assignment. 

Don't forget, making friends in class also important for discussion and study group later. Hopefully, I will get nice and supportive friends for this semester. Maybe at first time a bit awkward, later on will get use to it. For your information, not every semester we have the same friends. Must be independent and all effort by yourself.

p/s: Still afraid of my last semester result. Haven't come out yet...

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