World's Fastest And Slowest Land Animals

The Cheetah has long been recognized as the fastest land animal in the world reaching speeds upwards of 70mph. Pronghorn antelopes, another animal on the savanna, can reach speeds of up to 60 mph. This animal can sustain these speeds much longer than a cheetah.

To determine the fastest animal in the world one has to consider the nature of the race that you are going to ask them run. Once we get speed on land, however, the most important consideration is going to be the distance over which the race is run.

p/s : some general information just for you to know...

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  1. Good info. Good to share with the children and adults as well :)

  2. alamak.. kat mana ek kedudukan Usain Bolt kalua lumba lari ngan the fastest animal tu ek :)
    kuman "hangin" Entry

  3. eh... anak ayam masuk dalam kategori slow..??

  4. cheetah paling pantas..then siput b*** paling terlewat..hihi =)

    tingkayuk utk ilmu ini...

  5. wah..nice info..hihi..nie ngah ajar anak sis kenal animals ke??hihi

  6. maklumat-maklumat ini adalah benar. kenali binatang bukan untuk Sofea sahaja bahkan untuk kita-kita yang dewasa.

    anak ayam memang masuk kategori yang slow @amira.

    @kuman, mia maaf ya.. mia tak tahu nak jawab...

    untuk pengetahuan am...

    terima kasih di atas komen kawan-kawan sekalian.

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    Banyak juger yg kita tak tahu. Dah tahu ni bolehlah beritahu anak2 pula. thanks for ur good info..

  8. nice info! :D
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