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Thursday, 14 October 2010

# Study Matters

Result For May 2010 Semester

As stated in my previous entry, how was my preparation for final exam May Semester 2010, indeed very difficult after attended the exam. That was why before the result came out, I felt very scared, afraid of not maintaining my GPA and meet the requirements of Dermasiswa OUM. Not that easy.

The most difficult subject was Professional Ethics, although MCQ, don't think it was easy, the questions were out of module (majority almost 80%). I memorized most of the important terms and yet the questions were tough. The application of the theory and how it related to the real situation. ABCD format but the answers were confused and need to choose the most correct one. I was frustrated with the choice of answers, did not know which one to choose. Just tried my best. Luckily, I got B+ (3.33) for this subject. Thanks to my lecturer, a lawyer who taught this subject and clarified the law terms for us although most of us very blur in the class.

I would like to thank to Encik Omar who taught English for Oral Communication subject. He really a nice lecturer who always motivated us to achieve well in our study. I really appreciate him. The exam paper is in subjective format. I got A for this subject. Also to my 2 friends, Linda and Rahayu who became my good friends for this subject and congratulate them for the good result. Keep it up and keep in touch!

Puan Hidayah who taught me and Krishan for Object Oriented Approach for Software Development subject. The exam paper is in subjective and essay format. Only two of us in the class. I got A for this subject too.

For subject Operating System, I repeated the final exam only and managed to upgrade my result from B- (2.67) to B+ (3.33). I admitted that this subject was the toughest of all IT subjects that I already gone through. Too technical. So, my GPA for September 2009 Semester will be increased from 3.45 to 3.67.

Finally, as overall GPA for this May 2010 Semester, I got 3.78. Above 3.67 as the requirement for OUM Dermasiswa. So happy that I can still maintain my GPA and CGPA. I feel very relieved now and total CGPA is 3.8+. System has not update yet. 

To my lovely husband, thank you so much dear. This is your present for your birthday. You are my shoulder to cry on. Sofea too, who always cheer me up. Love my family so much. Not forgetting the support from my mother and father. Thank you so much....


  1. terima kasih... alhamdulillah syukur sangat dapat kekalkan keputusan semester mei lepas...

  2. cantik result kak...
    subject 2 ats tu sy ambik gak...
    x sehebat kakak..hihi..

  3. uikkk @dieylah ni student oum ke? terima kasih...

  4. xdela... dak unimas..da blaja tu jugk...time sem 3 dlu.. ^_^

  5. hmm nice result u had there. :) bagi saya yang average ni .. result this kind punya best dah boleh buat saya tersenyum ... and proud.

    Waaa .. CGPA 3.8 ... that's awesome.

  6. otak geliga.. bg soalan susah pun ko blh jwb punyo! chaiyu' my dear sis!

  7. wah congrats yer..bestnyer tgk result

  8. terima kasih semua. perjuangan masih belum selesai lagi.. ada lagi 4 semester..

  9. wah2 kakmia hehe
    bgs nya reslt :D
    taniah :)

  10. terima kasih @fatin dan @neyra shazeyra...