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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

# Blog Matters

My Background 10

It took me almost these two weeks to complete my new background. Busy with my office work, house work, study and Sofea. So, at first when I was looking at my wallpaper... hmmm it was calm and peace when doing my work. Cool. And suddenly this idea came to my mind, why not I put that nice scenery as my new background. So that all of you will have the same feeling too. I hope so. Feel the exotic of nature. 

The next thing, if you noticed, I added a header. A photo from my wedding collection. The day was 20.07.2007. Nice combination of numbers, right? A sweet and unforgettable day for those who already married. Will always remember, no matter what happens...

And finally, as usual, I changed my shoutbox picture.. A photo of Sofea while sitting on the chair during Majlis Hari Raya OUM Johor. She was so active and energetic, couldn't really get a very nice photo of her. Always move and walk around. We love her so much!

Do let me know, if you are not satisfied with the new changes. I just want to do the best for you, so that you will not feel bored while reading the articles. Till then.. see you soon.


  1. sejuknya mata tengok template ni...saya folo sini ye...salam kenal

  2. terima kasih... mia dah follow balik...

  3. ehhmm... canggaih kan...dua tahun jer lagi boleh buat tarikh kaw...

    kalau 2013..dah tak boleh...13.13.2013..mana ada....
    dah tengok filem 2012...

  4. ummi 08.03.08 cantik gaks kan?(nak juga tu) wakakkakak

  5. header tu mmg cantik..
    buka blog jer dh nmpka pasangan yg bahagia:)

  6. lawa template ni..sedap je tengok..lain dari yang follow u ek...

  7. terima kasih semua... harap selesa dengan template ni...

    mia dah follow balik, sesapa yang follow mia

    @amir komeng, mia dah tengok citer 2012 tu, dahsyat betul... sekarang ni ramai yang suka tarikh yang cantik untuk kahwin... kalau tak ingat tak tahulah.

    @ummi iman, cantik tuh. terima kasih kerana sudi berkongsi...

  8. hehe kak mia...rjin btoi tukq2 bgrd

    cmy lahh :D
    sweet ja :D