Health Benefits Of Quitting Sugar

Better Moods
Studies show that a high-sugar diet  can lead to crankiness, anxiety and depression, due to rapid rises in adrenalin levels.

Reduced Cancer Risk
Sugar consumption has been linked to many forms of cancers, including breast, ovarian prostate and lung.

Weight Loss
Many "low-fat" processed foods contain hidden sugar. When you just eat real foods (even full fat), you may find you actually lose weight.

Clearer Skin
Too much sugar can lead to pimples, wrinkles and conditions like psoriasis.

Stronger Immune System
Sugar weakens your immune system against viruses and infectious disease, by inhibiting the fighting strength of white blood cells.

More Energy
Sugar gives you a quick burst of energy, but blood sugar crashes will leave you more exhausted than ever.

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  1. Setuju tang clear skin tu. Saya cut sugar baru kulit tak naik jerawat

  2. lagi satu, gula boleh buat gigi berlubang xD

    1. thanks kai... tambah point lagi untuk topik ni...

  3. tengah belajar nak kurang kan berjaya kurangkan gula-gula aje...gula saja belum lagi

  4. bila cut gula,mmg badan rasa ringan sgtttt..dalam usaha nak cut gula. nak diet. nak hidup sihatttt.