Assignment Result For May Semester 2011

Not really happy with the result for one subject actually. You see the mark for CBWP3103 Web Publishing subject did not satisfy me. I really did a big effort by writing 2998 words for this assignment and it ended with frustrating me. The comment for e-grader saying that "Need more explanation and several answers was not suitable. Overall was good". A bit confuse here, I really followed the guidelines from my face-to-face lecturer during class. It showed that my assignment answer did not meet the requirement for e-grader.

Luckily, for another 2 subjects, the marks cured me. For Interactive Media, I got full mark 30/30 and for English For Workplace Communication, I got 25/30.. as per stated by face-to-face lecturer, the highest in the class. Thank you so much for all my lecturers who taught me for last semester.

As an OUM student, we have to face the reality. Sometimes we become confuse. Assignment being guided by face-to-face tutorial and e-tutor but being marked by another person, e-grader. It is good effort to submit the assignment online but there is still shortcoming that needed to be faced. I do not know about how other students feel about this.

What to do... I just wait for the final result. Hopefully it won't be too bad. Afraid of my CGPA will drop.

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