5 Health Benefits Of A Quiet Home

In today’s world noise is found in most places especially in busy towns. The noise might be from televisions, radios, smartphones, and machines and even from people. However it is essential to spend some minutes in a silent place and enjoy the quietness.

Silence makes one to think well and it is healthy to our mental and physical body. That’s why it’s advisable to spare some minutes to sit in a quiet area in order to get the following benefits. Below are 5 healthy benefits of a quiet home presented to you by a soundproofing expert quiethomeguide.com

1. Increased Brain Growth

Staying in a silent area alone leads to the development of new brain cells. Research has shown that sitting in a quiet place for some hours can result to the creation of new brain cells in the hippocampus region. This improves one’s memory, one’s ability to learn new things and also stimulates development of emotions due to the development of the hippocampus.

2. Improved Ability To Remember

One’s ability to remember is useful in day to day activities. Walking in a quiet place can result to development of your brain leading to a better memory. Engaging with nature makes the brain to increase its focus and increase memory capacity. Study show that when a grown up stays in a quiet place for almost an hour three times a week their memory improves compared to the one who is ever in a noisy place. This is because the hippocampus region of the one who spends some time in silence has grown more than the one who is always in a noisy area.

3. Eases Insomnia

Silence contributes to reduction of sleeplessness which makes one to have little sleep. Spending sometime in silence can help insomniacs to improve their sleep. A research by JAMA Internal medicine has found out that meditation can help ease insomnia fatigue and depression. Meditate include listening to one self’s breathing and paying attention to only the present without thinking of the past or future.

This way the brain has fewer thoughts which bring a feeling of relaxation in the whole body.

4. Improves Sensitivity

Less or no sounds in an area improve one’s sensitivity to the surrounding areas. When in a silent place one is most likely to be very sensitive to the sounds coming from the surroundings or even far. One can think well when in quiet area than when in an area with loud music.

Quietness heightens the sense of sight such that one is able to see someone or something from far when in silence place. It is also easier to plan when in a silent area than when in a noisy area. An individual is in a better position to understand their feelings and emotions well in in silence.

5. Eases Stress

Noise can bring about some undesirable effects to the functioning of the brain since it leads to increased hormone levels which eventually cause stress. The sound waves enter the brain through the ear and react with the body leading to the activation of the brain region responsible for emotion formation which results to the release of the stress hormones.

Quietness assist in the reduction of the body tension in the brain and the other body parts by enhancing good blood circulation in the brain.

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