7 Gift Giving Do's and Don’ts

There are a lot of things that you are good at and several others that you think you are good at but the fact is that you are not. Giving gifts is one of the most sensitive things that you can miss one or two things while you are preparing. In this brief, we will give you the art of gift giving and eventually guide you on how to prepare for gift giving.

Do: Listen to what the recipient wants and what they really love

This is the first thing that you should put into consideration when you are preparing for a gift giving occasion. You don’t have to ask anybody what they want you to buy them for their birthday or anniversary because most of the time they will not give you an honest answer. 9/10 times they will tell you that you don’t have to buy them anything. What this means is that you should take your own time to observe closely what they like and eventually use that as an idea when you are buying a gift. If you realize that someone is so into watches, then you can consider pilot watches as a good gift for them.

Do: Keep it simple

I will start by telling you that simple things are the best to gift your friends and loved ones. One thing that most of the people don’t know is that there are some simple things that will appeal to almost every person. Most of the women will value cloths and accessories. Men on the other side may at all times like watches and suits. What am trying to say is that it’s always a good idea to consider those little-pleasers as their gifts on their special occasions.

The best gifts are simple but meaningful. For instance, you mums don’t really expect their young or teenage children to give them expensive gifts. Most mums feel their children’s heartfelt greetings through letters, hugs and kisses. But if you want to always surprise your mum, it’s a good idea to give something extraordinary. These Mothers Day gifts could inspire you.

Do: Consider homemade gifts

It’s also a nice idea to get a personalized gift for your loved ones. However, when you are considering a personalized gift, you need to first of all check on the message and other specifications of that specific gift. As a matter of fact, it’s not always a good idea to gift your boss with a personalized gift. However, it’s a good idea to do that to your daughter, son, or even any other friends.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be a pinterest master to craft something really amazing but you can just craft some simple homemade gift. If you can draw, paint, craft scarves or even copy simple crafts from tutorials, then you have something to gift. You can just buy some supplies and eventually use them for your next gift giving occasion.

Other homemade gift ideas include freshly picked garden flowers in a basket and freshly baked chocolate cookies in customised mason jars. You can also design some fashion accessories, such as a set of matching charm necklace-and-bracelet for your daughter’s upcoming birthday using Swarovski or plastic beads. How about cute handmade puppets for your little ones for Christmas?

Don’t wait until the last minute

If you have made up your mind that you are preparing a gift for your loved one, then you have to start preparing that early enough. That is for your good and their good. I personally know the humiliation of rushing to a store 12 hour before that special occasion. There are several issues that can come up as a result. When you are in a rush, you may end up collecting a low quality gift for your loved one. What this means is that as long as you have an insight of the gift giving occasion and the date that will happen, you should at least prepare a week or two before the D-day. You are supposed to be on that special birthday dinner with your gift. That gives you enough confidence to stand in front and gift him/her what you have already bought knowing that you took enough time preparing for the gift.

Do: It’s not all about price

The reality of the matter is that when you are preparing for your start of semester shopping list, it’s always a wise thing to work on a budget. However, when you are preparing for the perfect gift for your parent’s anniversary or your daughter’s birthday, it’s all about the quality. Most people already agree that those people who give expensive gifts do it from the bottom of their heart. As a matter of fact, most recipients will think that you are giving a cheap gift because it’s obvious. For this reason, you should sit down and start figuring out the quality of watch you want to gift your father and not the price.

The same is true with gifts you plan to buy for the rest of your loved ones or other people close to you. While quality often goes with the price, many online shops offer excellent quality gifts at affordable prices. Because online gift shops don’t pay rent, they can offer the best prices, with many of them offering free shipping for bulk or wholesale purchases. Check the reviews of the online stores and compare their products and customer service to obtain the best gift deals without stress and hassle.

Don’t Buy for yourself

When you are in the store looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, remember its about what they like and not what pleases your eyes. The fact is that most of the time you may be drawn to something simply because it’s funny, looks good, or has a nice scent but the reality is that it may not be the case with the recipient. Buying something that the recipient doesn’t like may lead to disappointments for you and the recipient. What this means is that when you are buying a gift, you have to check on someone before your start splashing the money. It doesn’t matter whether its someone close to you or a friend you schooled together, you have to spare some significant amount of time determining what they really love and what will make them happy.

Don’t be stress

One good thing with gifting friends and family is that they will always appreciate anything that you gift them. You don’t have to worry about what they will think of your gift but you can make it more adorable. If you cannot afford expensive gifts it doesn’t mean you cannot gift anything else. Take your time and look for a gift that matches what you are willing and able to pay. Your family love you and they will eventually appreciate even those little efforts you make to see them smile. Even when you spend a month looking for a gift and you cannot raise enough money for that specific gift, you can always serve them with the little you have.

Gift giving is a process and you have to take enough time preparing. You should first of all research on what the recipient loves the most and later try to figure out how to buy exactly that and present it the right way. The above are some of the dos and don’ts that you should follow closely. Of course there are several other things that you should and others you shouldn’t do when you are gifting.

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