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Santoku Knives are general purpose kitchen knives, whose roots originate from Japan. They are flat edged and approximately 13 to 20 cm. “Santoku” means “three virtues” which directs to its purpose which  is mincing, dicing and slicing. At the tip, they are curved by 60 degrees. They often come with a granton edge, which helps in fine slicing. The blades and the handles are designed in a way that it makes very comfortable and very balanced grip.

What is a santoku knife used to cut?

The word “Santoku” means “Three virtues”, by which we understand that it could be used for slicing, mincing and dicing. It was originally designed in Japan, for the homemakers to use for all-purpose. Mainly, it could be used to cut the meat, slice the cheese or butter or any spread you want on your bread. Slicing and chopping the fruits, vegetables or nuts. Mincing meat or any kind of herbs. Due to its flat edge, it could be used to scoop the food off the cutting board.

It has a limited “rocking” motion, which makes it easier to achieve the thin slices with just one quick chopping motion.

How is a santoku knife different from a chef's knife?

Both the knives are general purpose knives and it depends on the user to choose according to their needs.

We have pointed out some key differences between these two knives, which are mentioned below :--

1) Santoku knife was originated in Japan, while the chef’s knife in Germany and France.

2) This knife has a wide sheepsfoot blade, with a bent over the tip in a curvy way, making it easier to mince the vegetables and herbs. On the other hand, the chef’s knife has no bending or curve, instead it has got sharp edge at the tip.

3) It has got thin blades than Chef’s knife facilitating the cutting which requires more precision.

4) Usually Santoku knife comes with no bolster which is present in Chef’s knife.

5) This knife is lighter in weight to hold,  than the chef’s knife.

6) The size of santoku knives may vary between 5” to 7.9” , whereas for the chef’s knife this may be between  6” to 12”.

What is the best size for santoku knife?

The sizes that are available for santoku knife may vary between 5 inches to 7 inches.

The best size depends on the person and the usage. You may use 6.5 inch knife.

Best Santoku Knife Brands available in market

Dalstrong Shogun Series 7-Inch Santoku

This knife has got very strong, sturdy and stainless steel blade. Not at all flexible which makes it easy to cut thin and even slices. Comes with premium G-10 handle, that is resistant to heat, cold and moisture.

A bit expensive than other knives but it has been well received by the customers and very positive reviews from the users.

1. Zwilling J. A. Henckels Twin Pro S 7-Inch with Hollow Edge

This is a brand manufactured in Germany. The blades are well known for their precision. Edge angles are at 10 degrees. Blade has got hollow edges which will prevent the food from getting stuck. Handle comes with a bolster for added weight distribution but this handle may not be as comfortable as they say, due to its squared edges. They have varied prices as their size changes.

2. Shun Premier Santoku

This is a premier santoku knife. It has 32 layers of stainless damascus. Damascus protects the cutting core of the blade. The santoku lines of knives are very sharp right from coming out of the box. A quality pakkawood handle is provided to fit perfectly in the hands, giving it more balanced and comfortable grip.

The only con I would say is that it is a bit expensive, which if you look at the quality of the product will not seem to be that expensive.

3. Wusthof Classic Santoku Knife

This is the classic santoku knife with the touch of modernity. The blade is made up with very high precision and the craftsmanship speaks for its elegant looks and style. This is a very durable. The only con is that it requires to be sharpened when they come out of the box. The handle’s smoothness hinders its  grip.

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