Top 5 Online Dating Photo Tips

I can’t tell you how often I go online to hunt for dates only to discover that I can barely make out the man in the photo. It’s obvious that when it comes to online dating, the photo is the biggest selling point, so how can so many people get it so wrong?

If you want to get more play when you’re online dating, here are tips from Alex Wise a co-founder of Loveawake dating site that are crucial to your game. 

Online Dating Photo Tips #5

Keep your clothes on

Perhaps you’re proud of your six-pack abs and want the world to see how hard you’ve worked to get them, but the truth is that no one respects any online dater who’s half-naked in their photo.

Even women, while it’s attractive to see a woman in her bikini, she will more often than not attract the wrong attention and give off the wrong vibe.

So keep your clothes on and focus on your face.

Online Dating Photo Tips #4

Don’t hide your face

How often does it happen that you surf through profiles only to discover that 50% of them are wearing sunglasses or are hiding behind a freaking fedora?

What are you hiding under there? Are you so insecure with your looks that you need to hide behind accessories so we don’t see the real you? Even if that’s not the case, that’s the vibe you give off when you submit a photo of you wearing sunglasses or a hat.

Online Dating Photo Tips #3

No friends

While it’s great that you’re popular, and perhaps you just think you look great in a particular picture with all your friends, your online dating photo and profile are all about you.

Not to mention that people surfing your profile might think you’re a big time partier or player and will want nothing to do with you. Opt for a photo that displays only you and put your best face forward.

Alongside not posting photos of your friends, what’s worse than doing that is cutting people out of the picture but leaving their arms in the pictures. It just looks so wrong.

Opt for a photo that doesn’t distract the viewer and you’ll be more likely to be the focus of many replies.

Online Dating Photo Tips #2

No webcam shots

There’s nothing more irritating than webcam shots of people being used as their online dating photo. Not only is it never clear, it usually is taken at a terrible angle and isn’t flattering.

You’re better off using a real camera to take your photos and using those. Webcam shots never do a person justice.

Online Dating Photo Tips #1

Stay out of the bathroom

Another major pet peeve for most people surfing online dating photos is seeing a photo of a person in their bathroom. Don’t you know that we can see your rash ointment in the background?

Opt for a more appropriate room of the house if you’d like to take a photo of yourself; I’m sure you have a mirror somewhere else in the house, too.

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  1. hahaha...ade jugak ek tips macam ni...tapi tips no 1 tu ramai je kan yang show off six pack diorang kat profile pic..

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