Thousands In Donation Raised By Genucel For Moving Beyond Abuse

Statistics show that in every 20 seconds, someone in the United States is being abused by their domestic partner. There is no limitation when it comes to gender for the victim. As much as it is women who suffer the brunt of domestic violence, men are also victims of the same. It is estimated that almost 1 in 4 men has been subject to domestic violence at one point in their lives.

It can take time before a domestic violence victim fully recovers. They’ve endured physical, mental, and emotional abuse and sometimes opening up and reaching out for help can be challenging. The healing process is important because it helps survivors lessen fear and develop inner strength. Healing takes time and shouldn’t be rushed. Domestic violence can also have an impact on the family. The victims might have to file for a restraining order just to be safe from the tormentor. Children need to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment and a household that experiences domestic violence is not a safe haven.

The rate is much higher in New Jersey which is the home of Genucel. In the state alone, the act of domestic violence is experienced every seven minutes. As a result, New Jersey has been highlighted as one of the states that need immediate reforms to help the victims.

The impact of domestic abuse can be felt in so many ways. We live in the 21st century where the effects can no longer be hidden by creams and makeup. Companies like Genucel knows this fact too well and are getting involved to fight the menace through preventive care. Genucel in collaboration with Women Aware has raised thousands of dollars through awareness and campaigns and mostly through the yearly Moving Beyond Abuse 5k Race & Charity Walk.

Their eye products can reduce puffiness in less than 12 hours. There is the use of Swiss apple stem technology, the product specifically targets bags and puffiness and promotes the appearance of youthful skin. The company is based in Edison, New Jersey and is always willing to support local communities. It is also committed to promoting youthful skin through their line of products.

In addition to that, the company donated $5000 to provide consistent physical care to the well-being of women. The company has been working with Women Aware for a couple of years now. They’ve donated bags of beauty products and toiletries to those people who find themselves at Women Aware shelters.

Women Aware whose motto is "moving beyond abuse" has been providing services to the disadvantaged in the New Jersey area since 1981. Some of the services that they provide include emergency shelter for those fleeing domestic violence abuse, emergency support hotlines, safety planning, education courses, and art therapy. The organization received in excess of $2000,000 which went to serving the company’s services. It is the donations that keep the company going. The donations came from the New Jersey Department of Justice, the Mary Kay Foundation, FEMA, and Bristol Meyers Squibb.

As much as the donations are helpful, a lot still needs to be done when it comes to creating awareness. Women Aware considers events like community fundraisers to be the perfect opportunity. One such event is the Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk which is used to create awareness and raise funds at the same time. Every year, there is information released not only about the race but also about the mission of the company. The races are meant to provide a community-wide celebration of life and vitality. The company hopes to make it a continued tradition to provide community support and fundraising.

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