Are There Any Side Effects Of Massage Chair Really Exist?

Are you perplexed about massage chair side effects? Then read on this article to know the right information. There are some hearsays on massage chair problems and side effects which let people down easily. However, the fact is massage therapies on a chair have been popular for more than a decade, technology backed and health experts are well aware of the result produced by their functions on human bodies. Therefore, just a piece of news or some title should not mislead you. 

Various massage chair benefits have already been unveiled by many users. Researchers have presented demos and write-ups on the recliners. Patients who have been suffering from depression, diabetes, arthritis, back pains, aches, and other disorders received positive results after using massage chairs. Massage chair therapies have proven very beneficial for mental health too. 

Now, isn’t there any side effects of using a massage chair? The plain truth is, there is. The reasons for side effects are case-based, due to inappropriate use. When the massage recliners are used for patients in a way they should not, or such patients who should undergo surgery or other treatment, for them, massage chairs would bring in harmful effects no doubt.    

Massage chair could result in health problems for you when you are applying the chair massage in the wrong way. People vary in body size and structure. Therapeutic conditions are not separate for all. If you don’t suit a particular massage and get it, you may sooner or later develop a health issue. It could result in a skin issue, excessive muscle pain or any such problem. It is important to understand what massage your body requires and to what extent should you apply the massage.  

There are a few major reasons for massage chair side effects. One is applying extreme pressure or high-intensity massage. This causes soreness. If the pressure were okay, soreness should not last for more than two days. When your muscles have decreased flexibility that is called soreness. Someone with such muscle condition should not use a massage chair without knowing her physical conditions. Another reason for side effect is when someone has rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis or cancer. Their bones could have been so fragile that chair massage therapies may cause bone fracture and worsen the condition. A common reason for side effect is bruising. If your body bruises easily, you should consult your therapist first.  

If you have diabetes, massage chair therapy requires very careful use. The sugar level often drops after you have massage therapy. People with allergies may face some side effects. It is due to the products or materials of a massage chair. 

Massage therapy on a chair gives you a great beneficial experience - both for your mind and your body. Massage chair side effects are caused due to our unawareness. If we are a bit cautious, the therapy would provide us with good results. Appropriate therapy is great for relaxation, muscle flexibility, and pain relief.

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  1. kena cari kerusi urut yang sesuai untuk badan kita la kan...pernah juga try massage chair ni, ada kerusi yang besi dia tu menyakitkan aje, bukan lagi sedap diurutnya..haha