Today in modern social life, the trend of making homemade cakes at home has become popular and familiar. However, not everyone understands how to always have a successful batch. Please refer to the Baked Comfort Food for best baking tips to be more confident when making cakes!

1. Preparations Before Making Cakes

Should gather and measure all ready-made ingredients so that when you start working, you will not have to waste time getting this material, measuring the other ingredients at the same time. Make sure there is no shortage of any ingredients.

Preheat the oven from the beginning. Doing so to ensure heat balance in the oven, the temperature is spread to avoid the situation when bringing baked bread to turn on the oven, this will cause imbalance in baking process.

2. Eggs, Butter And Cheese Are Most Likely To Be Left At Room Temperature

Most materials need to be kept at room temperature, except in special cases, there will be specific notes.

The secret to making quick butter is that you cut the butter into cubes of size about 2.5cm. 10 minutes is the butter will reach perfection. If the egg is left in the refrigerator, you can soak it in a bowl of warm water for 5-10 minutes, the egg will return to normal temperature.

3. Beat Eggs, Ice Cream Or Butter With Enough Time

This is very important because it determines the texture of the cake. The texture of your cake will be completely different if you do not hit enough time or hit the required time, this cannot have a specific time that you can only notice that the eggs hit the standard when It turns ivory white and the volume increases significantly. Usually it will be 5 - 7 minutes.

Butter or cream when hit with sugar must reach uniformity, ivory white and necessarily double in volume.

The sugar should be slowly added to the butter / egg during the whipping process, and should not be given from the beginning because it is easy to make the mixture smooth.

4. It Is Recommended To Mix All Dry Ingredients Before Mixing With Wet Ingredients.

Failure to do so can lead to uneven powder or lumpiness ...

5. Do Not Use Too Much Sugar

Normally, the shared formulas all have a greater amount of sugar which is not very suitable for Vietnamese tastes because you can reduce it. This does not affect the quality of the cake, but when eaten it will be much less bored.

6. Do Not Mix The Powder For Too Long

Do not mix dry mixture with wet mixture for too long, you only need to mix until the mixture is relatively homogeneous, it can stop. If you mix the dough too long, the cake will be bottled, hard, not soft.

7. When The Cake Is Baked, Use A Saw Blade To Divide The Cake

It is recommended to use a knife with a blade long enough to select the cake surface so that the cake will cool faster, not be steamed.

8. To Keep The Disc Clean While Decorating The Cake, You Can Use Foil Wrapped Around The Disc

After that, set up the cake and start filling the cake and decorating the cake. And after decorating the cake, you can gently pull this piece of foil.

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