Diaper Bag Essentials for Baby

It is an unarguable fact that babies need a lot of stuff, most of which would be required while you are on the go with your day to day activities. Babies require high maintenance are their needs are in constant change as they grow. This implies that the items you keep in a baby diaper bag might change as the baby grows. This article is focused on providing you with a list of essential things you should always have in your baby diaper bag.

These items are:
  1. Diapers : It is called a diaper bag for a reason. A baby cannot tell you when he/she wants their diapers changed. You can never know when the need to change a baby’s diaper would arise. Therefore, ensure that you always have at least three or four diapers with you. Diapers come in different sizes and types depending on the age of your baby. Therefore, always ensure that the appropriate diaper is placed in your diaper bag. Keep reading as the  BluebirdBaby explain how to learn more. 

  2. Wipes : Changing a baby’s diaper without using wipes is very risky and unhygienic. Water is usually used in the absence of wipes. The goal is to ensure that the baby is clean before a new diaper is clean. However, you are not sure of getting water to use when you go out or even if the water is available, how convenient would it be to use it. Wipes are more convenient to carry about and use. Wipes should always be in your diaper bag alongside the diapers.

  3. Changing Pads : This comes in handy when you need to change your baby in public. The changing tables in most public restrooms are usually dirty and disgusting, and you would not want you, baby, to come in contact with any of them. The need to change the baby on the floor might also arise, especially in some cases where you may not have access to a fold-down changing table. It is in situations like this that the changing pads come in handy. One cannot predict when there would need to change the baby. Therefore, the changing pads should always be in the diaper bags.

  4. Extra Clothing : Maintaining the hygiene of your baby should be the only thing on your mind. Your baby should always appear neat. There should always be extra clothing in your diaper bag because there is a situation where you have a blowout and changing diapers alone wouldn’t be sufficient as you might need to also change the baby’s clothes. Sometimes you would be in an occasion that would last for as long as five hours. During such events, your baby might poop two to three times. If you do not have extra clothing in such a situation, you would be in a mess especially if a blowout occurs.

  5. Burp rag : This should always be in your diaper bag whether your baby is a big spit-upper or not.

  6. Pacifier : This should always be in your diaper bag, especially if you would be going out. Pacifiers come in handy when the baby starts crying. As the name implies, having a baby to such a pacifier when crying would stop them from crying, and this is very useful, especially if you are in an environment that requires maximum quietness.

  7. Sanitizing wipes : This is different from the regular wipes which you already have alongside your diapers. Remember that your baby’s hygiene is all that matters, therefore, in a situation where someone admires your baby’s hands and touches it, you can use the sanitizing wipes to clean the baby’s hand before the put it in their mouth. The sanitizing wipes can also be sued to wipe surfaces that the baby may come in contact with.

  8. Formula and Nursing cover or bottle : Are you a breastfeeding or bottle-feeding mother or both? Bottle-feeding mothers should always ensure that a bottle with formula is in their bag. You never can tell when your baby will go hungry.

There are more items to place in a diaper bag. However, these 8 points listed above are the diaper bag essentials for babies. They should always be in the diaper bag, whether you are going out or not. 

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