Tips for Surviving the 4 Months Sleep Regression

Sleep regression is part of every mother-child relation. It is a time when your baby's sleeping pattern disrupts. This occurs around the 4th month. So it's said 4 months sleep regression or baby sleep regression.

When the babies are born, they tend to sleep at any time or at any place. But as they reach their 4th month, things start changing. 

This new change is quite hectic for the mother as well. They will wake during midnight and won't sleep any sooner. 

Though this is only a phase that will pass yet for the new parents, it is quite a tensing situation. The brain of a baby is in continues growing spree. He is learning things and this all-new info can be very confusing. So it ends up disturbing their sleep.

Some tips

Being the first regression, it can be tough for parents. It will last for 2-4 weeks. Yet here are few tips for those new parents:

1- Give attention

This is the time when the baby tends to learn new things like how to sit or roll over. At night he might try to do these things. So parents must give the babies enough time during the day. 
When they will have enough time during the day to practice new skills, only then they will be able to sleep later. Give them all the attention they need and let them have a sound sleep when they get tired at night.

2 - Feed them well

Babies love to look around at things and colorful items. Their little curious mind finds it appealing to see different patterns and hues. Sometimes they tend to try and catch up the stuff around them. This diversion leads to them being hungry. 

Even while the mothers feed them, their attention span keeps changing. As a result, they are not fed and wake up during the night. So make sure to try and feed them at day time and put them to sleep with a full tummy. 

And if they still manage to wake during the night, restrain from feeding them as it will become a habit. Then they will always end waking up in the middle of the night. 

3 - Set a routine

Your baby needs your attention most of the time. If you are the one who can't give him the time he needs, it will affect him. 

Keep your schedule in such a way that it coincides with theirs. Their nap time, playtime, when to feed them, you must consider all these factors. And if you have or tend to plan something for yourself, again keep in mind the schedule of babies.

4 - Wait a while

If you hear some noise from your baby, don't rush over them. Babies make many sounds and noises while asleep. 

It can be one of those and if you rush to pick them it, they might actually wake up. They will fall asleep if you give them time. But if they keep stirring or start crying, then you can calm them.
Apart from that, you must keep the lights dim and make sure the surroundings are quiet enough. 

Only then the baby will develop a sense that it's time to sleep. While changing them at night, try to be as calm as possible and make no sound at all.

5 - Drowsy but awake

This is an old yet useful and well-known method to put babies in sound sleep. All you need to do it observe when the baby starts feeling drowsy. 

The common symptoms of them being sleepy are; rubbing eyes, yawning, etc. 

Instead of waiting for them to fall asleep, put them in their crib and let them sleep on their own. 

Only in this way they can learn to sleep and won't be depending on you a lot.  As they start being calm, take the signal and start to act fast.

6 - Take help

It is one of the most challenging jobs to raise a baby. And during the period when they completely depend on the parents is quite tiring. Don't feel shy or awkward to ask for help. Take turns with your partner. 

You too need rest to take care of the baby. Or take some help from friends or family members. Ask them to take turns while you take a nap.


The mere purpose of this info is to provide as much help as possible. All the material is authentic and we made sure to not leave any sort of confusion or doubt. 

Yet a human mind can sometimes be curious. So in case, you have any question in your mind or any doubt, feel free to ask. We will make sure to help you out as soon as possible.

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