What Is The Difference Between A Style And An Updo?

When you’re ready to go to the hairdressers you need to spend a little time thinking about what hairstyle you want to adopt. It can be a difficult decision, there’s a huge range of choices, from what your favorite celebrity is wearing to a design of your own.

Of course, it helps to choose a hair salon in Dulwich Hill that can understand and recreate the look you desire.

One important question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether you want an updo or a new style. You also need to know what the difference is between these two things!

The Updo

The updo is one specific hairstyle and it is usually adopted for special occasions, such as a wedding day or a graduation event. As the name suggests, an updo involves piling your hair on top of your head, hence the up part.

However, this is not just a pile of hair. You’ll need professional help to do the updo properly. There will be plenty of pins and other fastenings as an elaborate look is created, you can even use hairpieces to create the desired effect.

Don’t forget a hairpiece is not the same as a wig, it covers part of the hair and creates bulk when it is pinned into position.

It is worth noting that while pieces can help, it is preferable to have long hair in the first place, this will make it easier to create an updo.

Styles that classify as updos are basically any type of bun, you can choose from the sock bun, donut bun, or any other bun you can think of or design. While the principle is piling your hair on your head, in practice it means there are in excess of 50 different updos you can try. 

The Hairstyle

In contrast, a hairstyle can be virtually anything you do with your hair, from a high ponytail to the latest beach wave, or even French braids

You can change your hairstyle as often as you like and most hairdressers will encourage you to try different styles while advising you on which ones are most likely to suit you.

Hairstyles can include changing the color of your hair which is a great way to change your look without actually doing much.

Considerations When Choosing A Hairstyle

Before you book your next hair appointment and choose the latest celebrity cut, it's worth considering the following points:

· Is it trendy? 

This is important to everyone but it is a relevant factor if you work in any fashion-related industry. It’s also nice to be part of the latest trends.

· Does It Suit You?

Just because a particular hairstyle is fashionable and trendy doesn’t mean that the hairstyle will actually suit you. Take a few moments to consider whether it will actually suit you before making your decision.

· Is It Easy To Maintain?

It’s one thing having your hair styled at the hairdressers, it’s another thing altogether when you need to do it at home before heading to work. 

Consider how easy the hairstyle is to replicate before you ask for your hair to be cut.

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