7 Tips To Be Happy In Life

7 Tips To Be Happy In Life

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I found this photo at my friend's photo collection in his Facebook. So, I think better share it here with you, my fellow readers.

Happy... makes my life so exciting. Happy also cheer up my emotion. Without happy, life will be bored. So let's have a look at 7 tips to be happy in life...
  1. Never be late (must be on time no matter where you are)
  2. Don't cheat (this is bad attitude, I won't cheat people. Be nice and kind to others)
  3. Live simple
  4. Expect Little
  5. Work more (really work hard to achieve my target and mission)
  6. Always smile (like what I'm doing right now... smile..smile..smile..)
  7. Never break good relation (should appreciate what we have)
Happy... A simple word.. A simple expression but have big meaning in life. Love what I have right now.... Till then, see you on next English Day!

p/s: trying to achieve all these 7 tips....

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