20 Tips "Must Have" To Drive Traffic To Your Website / Blog

Did you still remember last time, I've attended  a seminar at Puteri Pacific Hotel. Click HERE. I would like to share with you 20 Tips "Must Have" To Drive Traffic To Your Website. Hopefully, this may help to increase your traffic.

Actually this tips were needed to be implemented on the government sites, but I think these tips also good for blog as well.

  1. On-page Optimization
  2. Optimized Meta Tags
  3. Sitemap
  4. Professional Design
  5. Consistency
  6. Relevant Imagery
  7. More Helpful Than Flashy
  8. Easy To Navigate
  9. Accessible
  10. Answers Who, What And Why
  11. Not Just Sells But Educate
  12. Delivers Quality
  13. Avoids Gobbledegook
  14. Content Is Social And Shareable
  15. Uses Multiple Forms Of Contents
  16. Promotes Customer Success
  17. Generate Leads Using Great Offer
  18. Also Generate Prospects
  19. Call To Action That Stands Out
  20. Ask For The Right Information At The Right Time
I think my blog fulfill some of these tips. Just a thought. Only jotted down the important points and I will elaborate these tips for you to understand.

No. 1 - My blog consists of my life, my study and career and I also share other information for my readers. Maybe I need to have a user centric function so that the visitors will know what they are looking for. For example, student should accessed the Study Matters label from Personal Menu. 

No 2- I've already implemented. I google around and find the meta tag coding and added it to my blog codings. A good meta tag will help your blog being recognized by the search engines.

No. 3 - I've already implemented. If you click Sitemap on the navigation menu of this blog, you can see all the entries being posted in this blog according the labels.

No. 4 - I think my new background template have the professional look. More matured and simple.

No. 5- I update my blog daily and always try to share good information with my readers.

No. 6 - I only include relevant images in this blog. To be noted that the images without mialiana.com watermarks are from google or from other sources.

No. 7 - What do you feel when you visit my blog? Are you feeling to stay longer or just straightaway go to other websites? Does this blog capture your mind? Will you be able to come back later?

No. 8 - I have a navigation menu on the left side of my blog. The sub-menu will be appeared once you mouse move over the menu items. Feel free to navigate on your own.

No. 9 - My blog can be accessible not only from pc or lappy but also from web mobiles such as iphone and ipad or other smartphones.

No. 10 - Who are my target readers? What I'm going to share in my blog? Always thinking why you cannot visit here again? What is the result I can get from blogging? Why other bloggers can have so many traffic? What is their specialties?

No. 11 - Help readers to gain something from here. Could be tips or how-to do something. Giving the precious knowledge and experience for readers.

No. 12 - Good planning in everything will leads to a quality output. Be original and maintain the standard of your content and design.

No. 13 - Avoid using jargon words. Use simple words and readers will easily understand what you want to say. Don't let them misinterpret your message.

No. 14 - If you see now, most blogs have the social plugins automatically so that you can share in facebook, twitter and now google+. Be careful of what you write in your blog.

No. 15 - You may attract your content by using images, videos, audio, podcast, texts and animation appropriately.

No 16 - I did promote and let others know that there were 2 OUM students got Dean's List after they implementing my tips on study. These may let other students to try and visit my blog without I noticed.

No. 17 - Try to use catchy words if you have something to give to your readers. In blogging world, could be segments or giveaways.

No. 18 - Having return visitors is also generating prospect to your blog. Maybe at the first time, they accidentally visited your blog. But later they will come back seriously, to find the information that they want.

No. 19 - There's something unique about your blog that visitors will always remember. Maybe you have a very cute header or maybe something in your way of writings in the content.

No. 20 - Are you giving the right information or needs for your readers? Know your readers and try to understand what they want. Then, you write the content based on their interests.

I'm done disscussing these tips. Still need time to study and research other famous and great blogs who have more than 1,000 traffics per day.

p/s: hopefully you can understand my english writings.. till then, happy english day!

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  1. bagus info..cuma tang no.15 uncle tak berapa setuju..kekadang tu terlalu "overdid" konsep multimedia...akan membebankan proses loading..itu yng membuatkan orang banyak terperangkap..anyway .. kena besederhana walaupun tak mencapai matlamat multimedia yg sebenar...

    1. tu la kan? kalau nak letak pun boleh rasanya, cuma jangan banyak sangat. suka dengan komen uncle yang ni...

  2. Thanks for the info. I did hear about the metagtag, but haven't take any action yet. Huhuhuhu

    1. your most welcome. actually metatag is very important... mama adam need to try first.. then will know the outcome..

  3. NIce info :)
    I think one of the "must have" to drive traffic is also by giving comments to other blog. What about you? thinking the same?

    1. yupppp... giving comments also as an added advantage while blogwalking. only a few minutes..