Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer is one of my favourite supernatural drama. It has five seasons. The last one, sixth season being cancelled out by CBS. Really hope to watch all the five seasons. I love Melinda Gordon character in this drama, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt.  She is so adorable and sweet.

The dead are talking, she is listening. Melinda has the ability to communicate with the dead people. Her great task is to help the dead people granting their wish, solving their conflicts, finish their unfinished businesses and others so that the spirits of the dead people will lay their rest in peace. I really love the scenes when she  has to face the danger situation and risk her life to help the dead people. A bit scary...

Just imagine this awesome supernatural drama has millions of viewers all over the world including me... If you have time, just try to watch one episode first, and feel the difference. Try to Google out and watch it on youtube.

I really don't want to say but this is the saddest moment of the Ghost Whisperer's fans....

The unforgettable day, On May 18, 2010, citing rising costs and a decline in viewership, CBS announced that Ghost Whisperer would not be renewed for another season.. - source from Ghost Whisperer Season 6 Fanpage

p/s: suddenly want to share with you that I really love Ghost Whisperer... truly.. madly.. deeply..

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