Study Tips On Learning Programming Language

Study Tips On Learning Programming Language

A few Open University Malaysia (OUM) students asked me, how I manage to get A for all my programming subjects? Indeed a very tough and complex question. Hmm... a bit difficult to answer but I will answer it based on my experience during my study at OUM.

What I did previously.... After getting the OUM module/book during the registration day, on the night itself, I tried to look through all the topics. Just a quick glance to know what it is all about. I jotted down a few note and classify the topics by important part, difficult part and  easier part. Normally, I will focus the easier part followed by the difficult part and lastly the important part.

I usually scheduled my study for 2 months. You must remember that time is so short, you must plan and schedule your programming study activity perfectly so that you may have time to study other subjects and at the same time, commits with family and work matters. A simple timetable should be enough in order to remind you.

Firstly, install the programming software in your computer and try to be familiar with the interface and function.

Secondly, do not wait until the class starts, then you will study. NO! You must start at home and study first. The study activities are :

  1. Read book from topic 1 until the last topic
  2. Making notes
  3. Try to write and run the programming codes from the book
  4. Understand the output of each of the coding result
  5. Try to memorize the reserved words and syntax of the programming language and understand where it should be applied in the coding
  6. Do refer to other resources from the internet to get more clearer and easier to understand

Thirdly, write a coding is not easy. You must know the flow of the data to be processed and become the output. For beginner, may try to do the flowchart or pseudocode to get a better algorithm.

input >> processing >> output

Try to relate this theory to any problem solving you have in order to write the coding. If you get stuck and need help, do ask your lecturer or your friends. Let them help you to solve the error. Do not simply give up.

Fourthly, after you knew the coding then you must keep practicing and do exercises. These may help you to get used with the codes and know the output result.

Lastly, for exam preparation... try to write back the successful coding you have tested in the computer on to a piece of paper. During exam, you have to answer by writing the codes not typing on the keyboard. You may not notice the error because there is no compiler. So, be careful of any simple mistake by rechecking back thoroughly... one by one.

To OUM students, may these tips answer your question. I am not that perfect, but I always give my biggest effort to achieve what I target. Be positive and you also can do it!

Hopefully these study tips will help other computer and IT students to struggle and achieve A in any programming language. Good luck and all the best!

p/s: trying my best to answer it.... fiuhhh..

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  1. Programming memang best.. tapi nak paham dia punya OOP mmemang pening... paham OOP memang bereshhh...

    1. OOP memang susah. perlu ada daya analitikal yang kuat baru boleh menguasainya...

  2. sy student IT gak.. mase mula2 bljr tu memg agak terkial2 gak la.. huu

    1. mula-mula memang kejutan budaya. rasa nak menangis pun ada juga sebab tak dapat betulkan error berjam-jam ngadap coding... huhuhu..

      lama-lama bila dah terbiasa, akan ok nanti...

  3. bila ingt memori ambil course programing ni rasa trauma pun ada.
    xsangka mrs. mia terer bab ni..