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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

# DiGi WWWOW Awards

Congratulations... Top 6 Nominees For All Category In DiGi WWWOW Awards

Now... It is the time to move forward. The contest is over. I would like to congratulate to the top 6 nominees for all category in DiGi WWWOW Awards. It's not easy to be in top 6. You guys are great! Since there are lots of questions regarding this matter, I did made a phone call around 4.10pm to DiGi WWWOW Awards to clarify the matters.

Right now, the top 6 nominees for all category have been contacted by DiGi WWWOW via email. For those who received it, considered as top 6. Do confirm your attendance by 30 June 2011. It is possible to have the same winner for a few categories. Only one winner will be chosen for the highest votes and also the suitability with the category entered. And don't forget the rule in paragraph 6.0 The Selection of Winner, Click Here To Know More . Please read carefully.

If you noticed, DiGi WWWOW already removed the link for ranking page early June 2011. There were so many votes and the ranking keep changing most of the time. I knew most of the chosen nominees very eagerly to know who will be the winner. Be calm. 

I would like to congratulate to DiGI WWWOW for organizing such big event although facing a few shortcomings and they manage to overcome any difficulties faced by the nominees. Well done and good job! 

For those who have any feedback or inquiry regarding the first DiGi WWWOW Awards are welcome to write to for any improvement and modification if next year DiGI WWWOW is going to organize the second DiGi WWWOW Awards. Who knows! Everything possible now.

p/s: very high competition in Blogger of the Year Category, I felt very grateful to be considered as top 6 nominees...


  1. Thank you for the information, sis. Good job! :)

  2. tahniah Mia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mak dara pun dah terima invitation tu.. jd top 6 pun dah syukurrrrrr sangat2 hehehe .. kita jumpa di sana di sana di sana ye hehehehe

  3. Congratulation Mialiana!!!. Semoga gembira selalu. kunjungan hormat dari Panglima7.

  4. Salam.
    Tahniah . hebat .. memang hebat.

  5. Salam, mia. Tahniah krn tersenarai top 6. Semoga berjaya.....!

  6. terima kasih semua...sudi sokong mia sehingga ke tahap ini...

    thanks to all the wishes.. for supporting me up to this level...

  7. Mia, ape nombor untuk contact Digi WWWOW awards ni.. ade kerumitan disini..Terima Kasih

  8. Congrats mia.. being top 6!
    Hope u will Enjoy the event soon.. wonder my shop ranking yg ke baper ekk.. hiks

  9. Syabas!! :). nk tumpang hadiah tak blh..tumpang gembira je la ek...hahah

  10. thanks again... terima kasih sekali lagi. nombor telefon yang mia hubungi ialah 03 - 7806 5799.