Today Is The Last Day To Vote Mia For Blogger Of The Year DiGi WWWOW Awards

Come on, my friends. Hope you can vote me at Today is the last day. Kindly vote before 11.59 pm tonight. Currently, I am in rank 3.

Let's look at how DiGi will select the winner : 

6.1. All category Winners will be determined by the number of votes received by the entries. Only entries with the highest number of votes will be deemed the winner – unless there is a discrepancy and/or the use of technical bots or by infringing the copyrights.

6.2. The top 3 short listed winners will be notified by 8 July 2011 or at an alternative date as determined by DiGi. In the event DiGi is unable to contact the Winner via phone after three (3) voice call attempts then DiGi reserves the right to cancel the winner and forfeit the prize and the non-contactable winners shall have no claims whatsoever against DiGi on the cancellation and the forfeiture.

6.3. DiGi must be able to contact the Winner at any time from 12 July 2011 until the Prize is delivered to the Winner. In the event that DiGi is unable to contact the Winner to make the necessary arrangements with regards to the Prizes to the extent that it may cause unnecessary inconvenience and/or DiGi incurring additional costs, at DiGi's option, DiGi reserves the right to contact the next Winner or forfeit the Prize. The non-contactable Participant shall have no claims whatsoever against DiGi on the cancellation and the forfeiture.

6.4. Winners may be required attending the awards ceremony. If a Winner is unable to personally collect their Prize, they may submit a letter authorizing another party to collect on his/her behalf. Identification of the authorized person must be produced.

Whatever it is, I've tried my best and you, as my voters also have done your part. Just wait and see for the result later. For those who votes for me everyday, thank you very much and do LIKE my new fan page here Easier for us to communicate later on. The most important thing now, I am very grateful to have you as my friends although you are from different countries. Nice knowing all of you. Do keep in touch after this...

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  1. Hi, Julia: You are the best! Pleasure to be one of your friends, keep in touch! I will focus on your blog and new facebook site as usual. All the best!

  2. Salaam, Mia.

    Tahniah for the good position (top 3). Hopefully ada berita baik daripada organizer :)


  3. Tahniah kerana telah bekerjasama membantu saya dalam WOW Award. InsyaAllah akan bekerjasama satu hari nanti.

  4. @Cindy Thank you so much cindy... you are such a good friend..

  5. @Lizanak check rank tu di link ini

  6. @Hazman terima kasih juga kerana sudi berkawan dengan mia... :)