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Friday, 24 June 2011

# Blog Matters # DiGi WWWOW Awards

Header for DiGi WWWOW Awards

If you noticed, I did changed my new header on 9 June 2011. The photo was taken during the first Mini Gathering of Johor Blogger Group using Zulfahmi's SDLR camera. My husband really supported me for this campaign. We were wearing our own t-shirt which was designed by me. A simple design and not forgetting yellow colour for the DiGi trademark.

We were having great time at that moment, couldn't resisted to keep on smiling. Suitable for my blog theme... Smile.. Smile.. Smile.. Now I knew that it was not easy to persuade other people to vote me. Especially when they didn't know and recognize me. So hopefully with this header, it will cheer you up...

p/s : a simple explanation... just for you to know...

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