Getting Invitation To Attend DiGi WWWOW Awards Night

I was so happy when I opened my email after being informed by Encik Arif that Digi WWWOW already sent the Golden Ticket for this award. So speechless. I am one of six nominees selected for Blogger of the Year Award to attend this marvelous event. Woww! special thanks to the WWWOW Committee for organizing this DiGi WWWOW Awards.

The email was sent on 12.04 pm just now. So, for those who want to know whether you are lucky or not... please check your email now.. 

I will attend this event with my lovely husband. There will be 5 other nominees for this category. Only 1 winner will be chosen. The one who got the highest votes. I already confirmed my attendance. See you there...

p/s : thanks to all my voters who helped me to be in top 6... so happy until cannot stop smiling...

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  1. wow congrats sys.tak sia2 masuk kan.

  2. tahniah lah .. bee tk dapat punya tak de Glitter dh nih

  3. congrats :) weee mkan utk feroz skali :P

  4. congrats kak :D

    check out my new header, on #Transformers3 mood~ :D

  5. Salaam,

    Tahniah dan jumpa di sana

    Best regards :)

  6. w0w tahniah.. x tau plak award dia bsr gak ye.. ingat org dok join menda ni biasa2 je.. keep it up..

  7. terima kasih banyak2 ya...sudi sokong dan hargai blog mia ni. syukur sangat terpilih jadi top 6 ni (rank terakhir - 3).