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Until now, these are the top ten popular posts in Hanya Secebis Kertas published on 21 September 2010 is the highest with 2,348 pageviews. Followed by Jom Undi Untuk Blogger Of The Year DiGi WWWOW Awards - Sticky Post published on 1 June 2011 with 2,260 pageviews.The third popular post, Cute Bracelet Ultra Light Healthy Sport Wrist Watch - Special Giveaway published on 19 April 2011 with 1,753 pageviews.

Other posts are as follows :

You may have a look at these posts which have the highest pageviews. Apart from this, we can conclude that most of my readers are fond of Cik Shida, Rosalinda, Moymoy Palaboy, Giveaway, DiGi WWWOW Awards and the favourite story of Hanya Secebis Kertas.

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