My Background 17 with Banner

It's time to change the background template. I already changed a few days ago. Hopefully you will get use to it later on. This time I choose yellow colour as the theme. Like usual... If you are my loyal readers, you should know right? I keep on changing my background for you. So that you won't be bored with the the same background template. The background is actually a wallpaper for desktop taken from search. 

Not forgetting, I also changed the design for my banner 125 x 125 pixel. Still maintaining the same design, just change the color and background only. 

No matter what it is, please enjoy yourselves here in . Be happy to read the articles in this blog.

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  1. Lawa la background template.
    Nampak lebih ceria dan lembut je.
    Great taste.


  2. cool background.. kuning sama macam kaler digi heheheheh.. =)

  3. nice sebab kaler kuning tak terang sangat dan tak serabut sangat. mia jangan pilih kaler terang2 ye..berpinau mata nanti :p

  4. huhuhuh marilah ke blog saya :

  5. terima kasih... leganya warna ini boleh diterima... lembut dan tidak memeningkan..

    thannks.. so glad you can accept this colour... cool and warm...