My Voters From Brazil... Carlos And Friends

Hi guys, do you know this man? He is Carlos the owner of English tips is a self-studying developed for those who decide to practise English by themselves, all content have developed for all ages. Suitable for those who really want to strengthen the English language. He has almost 2000 friends in his Facebook and 1500 in Twitter.

Why suddenly I wrote about him. Because he is my voter from Northeast in Rio Grande do Norte state, Brazil. I've seen some of Malaysian bloggers also blogwalking to his blog.

He has a wife namely Gerlane and 2 children, Carol and Gabriel. He did help me a lot. Help me to campaign. See... how other people from outside Malaysia can appreciate me... knew me.. help me.. and vote me. I am so touched with his effort.. Thank you so much, Carlos.

p/s : sorry, I will post the appreciation gift later as now is running out of time... only a few days left

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind support, as well as I invite your readers to do the same as a Brazilian friend have done. Thanks a lot, Carlos from Brazil.

  2. @English tips-self-taught your most welcome, my dear friend.. also thanks for supporting me too...