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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

# DiGi WWWOW Awards

My Voters From China, Cindy and Friends

I am very glad, having Cindy as my friend. She was the one who approach me earlier to promote the BudgetGadgets products. We did contact each other other using email and facebook. What a great friendship I have here!

I did  2 posts regarding the BudgetGadgets products and since then our friendship became more closer. When I joined the DiGiWWWOW Awards last April, she supports me from the beginning. She also did campaign to her friends. That's what friends are for. Cindy, thank you so much!

I really do not know how to say anymore. These are the snapshots that I've taken from some of our conversations. Do have a look...

p/s: also not enough time to send the appreciation gift on time. will send it later.


  1. hi there..i have just followed your blog and i hope you can follow me back :-)

  2. wah..hebat..sampai ke china tu haa.. :) baik hati betul cindy tu mia..

  3. hui...jauh supporter tu...good luck okeh akak...^^

  4. Hi mia.. semoga suksess.. i dah vote tuk u since u promote kat i, vote mia.. :) chaiyo2..

    the tip of borneo

  5. Daily vote, and promoting for friends on my FB. Carlos from Brazil

  6. memang dasyat lah kak mia .. sampai ke china ada penyokong dia

  7. thanks for the great site. I hope succes for Mialiana sites. greetings

  8. thanks for the comments. really appreciate for the full support. thanks again..