DiGi WWWOW Awards Night - Part 2

Continued from previous entry, DiGi WWWOW Awards Night - Part 1

Nothing much to say that wonderful night.We really enjoyed with the performers. The most I adored was Aizat who sang Sungai Lui. I was so impressed with his voice not like usual just heard from radio or mp3 player. I believed he will get a bright future in his career.

Me and my husband sitting in front of the stage. We had a very clear view from there. Heart beating very fast that time. Everyone here were hoping to win in their categories. I also did hope so much. But when the winner for my category was announced, like I expected, for sure Anwar Hadi. He got a lot of fans in his FB Page and they loved to watch his videos. Nevermind, at least I've tried my best here. This is the first kick start for me to enter another future competition or awards. Be positive and look ahead for future.

Let's look at the photos taken at that night. Photos which do not have mialiana.com watermark were taken by Encik Arif. zassssss

p/s: after this, we felt a bit hungry, and had supper at one of Kampung Baru stalls...

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