Final Exam For May 2011 Semester

Take a breath first. Going to face the final exam after this. Oh no! My schedule for exam shows that I have to sit the 3 papers in the same week. No time to be lazy anymore. Have to wake up early to study starting next week. Comprehensive and analytic study. 

Let's look at my very tight exam schedule :

8 August 2011 (Monday)
English For Workplace Communication
2.00 - 5.10 pm

10 August 2011 (Wednesday)
Web Publishing
2.00 - 5.10 pm

11 August 2011 (Thursday)
Interactive Media
9.00 - 12.10 pm

Not really satisfy with this but have to cheer up myself and be discipline to follow my study timetable. Very scary but will try my very best!

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  1. Salaam sis,

    I can imagine the heartbeat, dup dap dup dap! I am sure you'll definitely give your best.

    All the best, sis. Insh'Allah.


  2. this fri my exam result will be announced. so scaryyy.

    btw, all the best inshaAllah :)

  3. good luck buat yang terbaik..dah abis cuti leh lah santai@krabi island..hehehe

  4. da lama tak jenguk mamamia..hehe..
    gud luck ya...

  5. wah,,apa-apa pun gud luk ek kak. buat sehabis baik.

  6. @Mr. Stevie @ Arif thanks... really very big nervous... lots of topic to be covered...

  7. @abah khalisha uikkk hehehe... dah abis exam nanti sambung sem baru pula... takleh nak rehat...

  8. @Afiq Din uikkk hehehhe... takut akak nak dengar DL tu... amin... thanks doakan akak ya...