Finally... Submitted 2 Assignments Via Online

Luckily, the OUM server is not slow at this moment. I felt very grateful after submitting Media Interactive and Web Publishing assignments. This semester, OUM had made a few enhancement on the submission module.

Actually this is the first time I submitted my assignments almost mid night. So crazy. I thought I wanted to send in the evening but many interruptions happened in the middle. Have to do this.. have to do that. After finished doing family matters, then I managed to finish up before 10.00pm. Then my internet having a bit problem that worried me much. At last I managed to submit 30 minutes before mid night. Almost due and the myVLE system would not allow us to submit after that.

Hopefully for next semester this kind of thing won't happen again. Really pray for that.

p/s : don't know why the submission time is on the evening as per stated in the receipt...

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  1. Hai Mia,

    Congrats yer..hebat nye ....mudah2 ley menang..nanti join la ek contest kat blog saya :)

  2. ai sis..salam ag ek? bachelor? master...?? hehe....famili+study...mesti mencabar kan..??

  3. @Bila Ku Kata Cinta... salam kenal juga. belajar degree, dah abis dah. memang mencabar pun. kena pandai bahagikan masa.