Finalizing My Interactive Media Assignment

Taken from myVLE system

Actually, I am so jealous with my family, they already slept tightly. But right now, I am finalizing my Interactive Media assignment. Late at night, alone with books and laptop here, so quiet this moment. Now I am having a rest, let my brain release tension. So, I update my entry for today.

The assignment is all about the video streaming. How it may helps students? The problems that might be experienced and how to be solved? And also finding 3 examples from the websites together with the screen shots. Now progress of arranging the information from draft mode to final mode. Hopefully to be finished in 2 hours time.

Nothing much to say, just chit chatting a bit. Not easy to study while working. Sometimes I feel boring doing assignments, especially when stuck with no idea and do not know how to answer. But sometimes I will feel happy and satisfied after completing my assignments. 

p/s : sleepy a bit.... drink plenty of plain water....

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  1. wah..!!
    stress tp best kn..?

  2. Great for those still take further studying while working! Take care!
    PS: I saw your wedding photos on the top right, so great wedding! Hope you and your family happy forever! :)

  3. @cik sue ;) memang streaa sampai sakit kepala dibuatnya..